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Pocket Light Review – Does This Really Works? TRUTH REVEALED HERE!

Pocket Light Review – Does “Pocket Light” Really Work? Is “Pocket Light” worth your time and money? Find out in my HONEST Review

Product Name: Pocket Light

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pocket light

Pocket Light Review:

The flashlight is a portable electric lamp in the palm of your hand. The light source is usually a light bulb or a light emitting diode A typical flashlight consists of a reflector mounted on a light source, a transparent cover to protect the light source and reflector, battery and switch. This is a supported and protected file. The invention of bulbs with bulbs and electric bulbs allowed the use of the first bulb in 1899. Currently, bulbs or diodes are used with disposable batteries or accumulators. Powered by the user with a swinging pendulum or a shake lamp, others also have a solar collector for charging the battery.

In addition to the universal flashlight, many shapes are adapted for special purposes. Lightning rods to the heads or helmets of miners and camps leave their hands. Some flashlights can be used underwater or in a flammable environment. Lamps are used as a light source in a place where there is no power or electricity.

What is Pocket Light?

The global consumption of light is constantly growing. Crowds 2005 The global consumption of pocket light amounted to 134.7 hours of lamps  Average The annual consumption per capita that has access to electricity is 27.6 million. M³ / h.People who do not have access to electricity only need 50 km. Every attempt to create an energy-saving lighting strategy must be the first to ensure the highest possible quality of the lighting environment. Results This pocket light guide has shown that this is possible even with large savings Energy consumption. Energy saving and great thanks to professional lighting projects High-quality lighting can be obtained. Better quality of light does not necessarily mean higher Energy consumption. It is important to ensure sufficient lighting conditions optimized visual characteristics, there are always levels of light, of which even more is the increasing level of light does not increase productivity.

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How Does Pocket Light works?

Pocket Light Meter is a special program that allows users to control the amount of light in the area using a smartphone. This is a real bonus for people who regularly take photos of the iPhone because the program immediately informs about them or uses the flash and other options to apply photos to the light. It should be noted, however, that the headphone meter is only available in the Apple Store, and Android users must look for alternative ways to observe the light.

pocket light

Benefits of Pocket Light:

  • LED: CREE XP-GH2 R5, lifetime 500,000 hours
  • Battery: 1x AAA (not included)
  • Easy to turn in the power and mode selection mode
  • Can be used for candles Magnetic headphone housing for a hands-free set
  • Made of durable aluminum aircraft Premium III permanent anode, resistant to friction
  • Attached accessories: adapter keychain waterproof ring back up and apverčiamasis clam.

pocket light


  • Tactical flashlight Hyper V J5.
  • Pocket Light Streamlight 66318 MicroStream C4 bulb.
  • LED Flashlight Perman 1000 Lumens CREE XP-E-R3.
  • GLARE E03 flash.
  • Streamlight 88061 PROTACIO 1L-1AA dual-fuel very compact Pocket Light.
  • Streamlight 66121 Stylus Pro Pen Light.
  • LED G19 Coastlight


  • It is not permanent
  • Some radiation restrictions

pocket light



Lighting is a large and fast growing source of energy and greenhouse gases. At the same time, the flashlight allows you to save new technology and new energy-saving lighting technologies. The market currently has over 33 billion people in the world. Flashlights consume over 2650 TWh or 19% of global electricity consumption per year. Full lighting It was found that carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions were recorded in 2005. The target was 1,900 million tonnes, or 7% of global CO2 emissions from fossil fuels and combustion. Energy consumption for lighting is around 28% around the world. The housing sector is the service sector is 48%, industry – 16%, roads and other lighting sector – 48%. In industrial countries, electricity consumption differs in housing construction. Lighting varies from 5% to 15%, but the value of developing countries can be quite high. even over 80% of total energy consumption.

pocket light

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